Dr. Comel J. Belin, PhD

Dr. Comel Belin, PhD has provided school based psychological evaluations, counseling, and behavioral interventions for children throughout Arizona’s schools for over fifteen years. Certified in Child and Family Forensics Dr. Belin specializes in trauma informed evaluations and wide ranging psychoeducational issues addressing developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning disabilities. As a contract provider, trainer and consultant, […]

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Dr. Da’mond Gadson DBH, LPC, MPC, MED

Dr. Gadson, a Bilingual “Spanish and English” African American/Black Psychological Therapist, is known for his client-centered approach. With a Doctorate Degree from Arizona State University in Behavioral Health and a Master’s in Education, he owns ABRA Health in Arizona. He is licensed as a professional counselor in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina. His diverse clientele

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Myshell Gresham

Myshell Gresham wears many hats, affectionally referring to herself as “The Relationship Maverick or Coaching Maverick,” depending on the context and role she is facilitating. She is a risk management and finance professional, a development coach, a champion for diversity, and an advocate for her community, with over 20 years of experience across the United

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Monique Porras-Mason

As the Founder of The Kempington Group, Monique (Porras) Mason is a passionate people mover, influencer, and talker. She believes in the power of openness, humor, and storytelling to connect candidates and clients for lasting matches. Growing up in the Washington, DC metro area, Monique has grown a strong network in Phoenix and beyond with

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Vice Mayor OD Harris

Vice Mayor OD Harris is an exceptional leader who currently holds the position of Vice Mayor of Chandler, Arizona. He represents the diverse and forward-thinking community of over 275,000 residents as an at-large representative. Vice Mayor Harris is not only a dedicated public servant-leader but also the first African American to hold the position of

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Tiyee LaMar

Tiyee LaMar – Joined the Six Pixels Studios: East Valley Phoenix team in 2023 as the Youth Instructional Lead. She helps students develop artistic story-based content, guide their creative processes, and assist them through the cinematography as well as editing process for the short films and YouTube videos. Tiyee LaMar previously worked as a Kindergarten teacher,

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William E. Nicholson II

William E. Nicholson II – Introducing William Nicholson, a Virginia native whose journey epitomizes resilience and empathy. As an educated Black father, brother, uncle, and friend, he humbly embodies these virtues. Rooted in diverse experiences, his path is marked by triumphs over adversity, shaping his profound commitment to uplifting others. Family lies at the heart of

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Jimmy Hart, Ed.S.

Jimmy Hart, Ed.S. – Career spans three decades serving his community through education and leadership. His diverse roles serving as a classroom teacher, school principal, district leader, and small business owner reflect his deep-rooted commitment to fostering equity, inclusion and promoting cultural understanding. An award-winning educator, Hart stands as a leading figure in leadership and diversity

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