Advocacy and Persistence Committee

March 2022, AzABSE established a new committee in response to NABSE’s charge for its affiliates to “speak up and speak out for the education of black learners.” Whereas, “school communities serving black learners are primary targets of unapologetic activism to reverse diversity initiatives and oppose the teaching of any content labeled ‘divisive’,” AzABSE agrees that “all of these efforts are harmful to the education of black learners.” Thus, AzABSE organized an advocacy and persistence committee to expedite the implementation of NABSE’s 2022-23 G*P*S action plans to accelerate advocacy and activism for black learners’ education. In unity with partnering organizations, AzABSE will:

  • Enlighten members about legislative activities impacting black learners, their schools, and communities negatively
  • Empower members with tools and strategies to address specific legislative activities proactively
  • Engage the AzABSE network to monitor and advocate for equity in specific legislative activities at state/county level
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