About AzABSE

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of education in Arizona, and close the academic achievement gap.

Our Vision

Every child receives equitable education opportunities and achieves his/her fullest potential.

Our Purpose

AzABSE is Arizona's premier educational union for parents, teachers, administrators, counselors,legislators, and community stakeholders to develop and support cultural responsive education in Arizona.

Our Focus is in Alignment with NABSE's Big 6 Priorities

Priority #1

Priority 1

Improvement of Student Outcomes in the Areas of: Early Childhood Access; Early Literacy; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

Priority #2

Priority 2

Priority #3

Priority 3

Educator Recognition Programs

Priority #4

Priority 4

Legislative Involvement

Priority #5

Priority 5

Research and Best Practices Clearinghouse

Priority #6

Priority 6

Redesign the Economic Model of the Organization through Targeted Programming.

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