Parents Commission

The commission promotes an open, inclusive and supportive structure for families seeking quality educational services that promote best practices, research-based programs and partnerships for the development of children of African descent.

Advocacy: Gifted Education

  • A Culturally Responsive Equity-Based Bill of Rights for Gifted Students of Color

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  • Identifying Gifted Children from Diverse Populations

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  • Free Test Samples for grades Kindergarten - 6th grade
    Click on your child's grade level under Free CoGAT Practice Resources. Then, on the right side, click on Start Free Test.

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Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Child's Teacher

Advocacy: Special Education

  • National Center for Learning Disabilities

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  • Life Success For Students With Learning Disabilities: A Parent's Guide

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  • Young Adults with Learner Differences (teaches self-advocacy)

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