STEAM CULTURE AZ, also known as the STEAM Enrichment Program, is a culturally relevant enrichment program dedicated to providing historically underserved students with equitable access to education and careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. In partnerships with industry professionals, educators, school districts, higher education institutions, corporations, and aligned organizations. STEAM CULTURE AZ authentically engages students in hands-on learning experiences through mentorships, career-explorations, and college pathways. Additionally, STEAM Culture AZ offers teachers, pre-service teachers, and aspiring teachers with culturally relevant hands-on professional development opportunities to broaden their STEAM knowledge and advance STEAM education for all students in all schools.

5P Video Production Model

This workshop walks students through five stages of video production in an in-depth way in hopes to cultivate an understanding that allows them to mature in their own subjective understanding of the video creation processes. Students have a hands-on learning experience with all five stages while creating a video that they can share and keep for their own use.

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