Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson is a young South Phoenix organizer, facilitator, artist, and graduate of Arizona State University with a BA in Community Advocacy and Social Policy with a minor in Dance. Her work is centered at the intersection of issue and electoral organizing with a strong lens of racial justice and a passion for empowering others to step into their power to create meaningful change in their communities. Her work currently comes to life through two main avenues: First, as a Governing Board President of the Roosevelt School District, where she grew up. She ran and won at 24 years old in 2020 as a write-in candidate and has focused her service on making systemic changes for long-term impact. Second, as the Executive Director of Instituto, an Arizona organization dedicated to building political power with low-income and communities of color through acceleration and incubation programs. Whether organizing or governing, Shelley tries to ensure her work centers those directly impacted while leading authentically. When not organizing or tending to board duties, Shelley likes to spend time outdoors hiking, reading, dancing, and spending time with her loved ones.

Featured Panel Discussion: Thriving in the Desert: Celebrating and Elevating Black Education Excellence

In this panel,  policymakers, governing board members, and community leaders we will engage in a dialogue to highlight education excellence in Arizona districts and schools. We will discuss how these outstanding schools and districts can serve as role models to help elevate equitable education excellence throughout Arizona

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