Dr. Da’mond Gadson DBH, LPC, MPC, MED

Dr. Gadson, a Bilingual “Spanish and English” African American/Black Psychological Therapist, is known for his client-centered approach. With a Doctorate Degree from Arizona State University in Behavioral Health and a Master’s in Education, he owns ABRA Health in Arizona. He is licensed as a professional counselor in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina. His diverse clientele spans all ages, backgrounds, and behavioral needs. His expertise includes school counseling, psychological disorders, treatment techniques, diagnosis, interventions, habilitation needs, and referrals. He is adept at performing psychotherapy, assessments, and psychological testing with disciplinary teams in Schools, Primary Care, DDD Services, Integrated Care, and Mental Health Settings. Dr. Gadson's approach to psychotherapy and school counseling is centered around his clients, using their strengths to overcome challenges while considering the holistic aspects of the individual, including the mind, body, spirit, and finances. His ultimate goal is to support clients in their journey toward self-actualization.

The Only One in the Room: Navigating Mental Health Challenges in the Education Profession During Uncertain Times
In this panel, distinguished educators and mental health experts will examine the distinct mental health challenges that educators, especially those of color, encounter in today’s fluctuating educational environments. The discussion will highlight effective strategies and support systems essential for maintaining mental wellness among educators. Panelists will offer insights and actionable tools to manage both personal and professional stresses, empowering educators to excel and sustain their well-being in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Ovett Chapman Ph.D.
Mrs. Ashley Curtis MA, M.Ed, Ed.S., LAC, LMCHA
Dr. Da’mond Gadson DBH, LPC, MPC, MED
Dr. LeTron R. Alexander PsyD., M.S., Ed.S
Dr. Comel J. Belin, PhD

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