Dr. LeTron R. Alexander PsyD., M.S., Ed.S

Dr. LeTron Alexander is the Director of Special Education for the Apache Junction Unified School District (AJUSD) in Pinal County, Apache Junction, Arizona. Dr. Alexander brings a rich and diverse background to his role. A disabled veteran of the United States Army, Dr. Alexander served as a communication specialist and surgical technologist, performing surgeries for 15 years across various specialties, with orthopedics being his favorite. Additionally, he worked as an Account Executive and Coordinator for a leading advertising agency, where he connected diverse communities to the African American community.

Dr. Alexander’s most fulfilling professional experiences have been within the education sector, where he has over 15 years of experience as an instructor, psychologist, and administrator. As an intensive reading and English teacher, he developed structured and engaging lesson plans that helped students meet grade-level expectations. He implemented practices that promoted emotional regulation and inspired students with challenging behaviors to align their educational choices with their career goals and aspirations, fostering a desire for learning and responsibility both in the classroom and at home.

Dr. Alexander strongly advocates for trauma-informed approaches and the importance of collaboration between home and school. As a school psychologist, he empowered families, educators, and administrators through systems management techniques that enhance organizational, motivational, and needs-based strategies to improve the quality of programs and the communities they serve. His effective evaluation methods identified student service needs and developed interventions for their families in the learning environment and at home. For seven years, he ran a program for students with challenges in social-emotional regulation, significantly expanding its reach and quality under his leadership.

As the Director of Special Education, Dr. Alexander continues to inspire these qualities throughout the district by collaborating with stakeholders to help students recognize their value and achieve their full potential. On a personal note, Dr. Alexander is devoted to his faith, his wife, and their children, and he is a proud grandfather of three. He spends his spare time working with adolescents and young men recovering from substance abuse. He enjoys scenic walks, hiking mountainous terrain, or walking along an ocean shore. He loves jazz and the symphony, poetry and theater, and traveling with his beautiful wife, Dr. Amanda Alexander.

The Only One in the Room: Navigating Mental Health Challenges in the Education Profession During Uncertain Times
In this panel, distinguished educators and mental health experts will examine the distinct mental health challenges that educators, especially those of color, encounter in today’s fluctuating educational environments. The discussion will highlight effective strategies and support systems essential for maintaining mental wellness among educators. Panelists will offer insights and actionable tools to manage both personal and professional stresses, empowering educators to excel and sustain their well-being in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Ovett Chapman Ph.D.
Ms. Ashley Curtis MA, M.Ed, Ed.S., LAC, LMCHA
Dr. Da’mond Gadson DBH, LPC, MPC, MED
Dr. LeTron R. Alexander PsyD., M.S., Ed.S
Dr. Comel J. Belin, PhD

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