Vice Mayor OD Harris

Vice Mayor OD Harris is an exceptional leader who currently holds the position of Vice Mayor of Chandler, Arizona. He represents the diverse and forward-thinking community of over 275,000 residents as an at-large representative. Vice Mayor Harris is not only a dedicated public servant-leader but also the first African American to hold the position of Vice Mayor in Chandler in 20 years. Additionally, he is a proud US Army Veteran, Best Selling author, and the founder of the National Ready Set Go Foundation. Vice Mayor Harris’s commitment to his community and his advocacy work demonstrate his passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Vice Mayor Harris began his entrepreneurial journey by opening his first accounting firm in 2000. He would successfully franchise his business then scale it to 35 locations in seven states with over 40,000 clients. As one of the largest minority-owned accounting firms, he would later sell it to a major competitor. Later, developing his own tax software that would be used throughout other tax and accounting firms. Now working as a business consultant, his innovative approach to business has earned him numerous clients, brands, and award.

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