She Phi - Student Performance

SHE-PHI was founded on the twelfth day of March in 2018 at Holladay Magnet Fine Arts School. Teacher Instructional Specialist, Paublo Pugh, established SHE-PHI for students in the second to 12th grades to promote self-esteem, unity and leadership.  SHI-PHI started with eight members and has grown to over twenty members.  SHE-PHI is rapidly growing, and currently has a waiting list to join.  SHE-PHI has a formal architectural structure which includes a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.


  • President – Denasia Maxwell-9th grade
  • Vice-President – Grace Komya-8th grade
  • Secretary – Kamilla Price-10th grade

SHE-PHI foundation is based on leadership and dedicated membership.  SHE-PHI has strict and high criteria for its members.  SHE-PHI focuses on educational performance and community service.  SHE-PHI thrives on going beyond the norm within the community and within the school.


SHE-PHI is not any ordinary group.  We have a specific meaning and we teach our girls to know who they are and the potential they possess.

– Sophisticated
H – Humanitarian
E – Education

PHI – the willingness to go above and beyond to succeed in all areas of their lives.

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