Steve Watson

In 2016 Steve Watson was elected as the Maricopa County School Superintendent (and re-elected in 2020). He ran for office to create conditions for teachers and students to have a more joyful school experience

His vision to bring more autonomy and creativity back to the education profession resonates with teachers. His passion for providing instructional resources that are inspirational, rigorous, and, yes, fun strikes a chord with parents and community members. His leadership to create processes to consolidate services and partner with businesses that ensure more money is spent in the classroom receives constant praise and appreciation. 

As a high school teacher, Steve Watson experienced first-hand the restraints that drive teachers from the classroom and the profession. With teacher recruitment and retention the most pressing issue facing K12 education, Watson is a necessary voice and visionary in the effort to return education to the desirable profession it once was.

Steve is motivated and supported by his wife, Tessa, and their six children. He is inspired by his mother, who raised him by herself as a school teacher and continues to influence his vision and decision making. Steve is grateful for his dedicated staff, who tirelessly work to bring more joy to education in Maricopa County.

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