Ms. Toni Robinson

Toni Robinson is an innovative and versatile educational leader with more than two decades of experience working to transform teaching and learning through digital integration, professional development, and equitable practices. Toni has worked extensively with educators and administrators across the country to increase student access and achievement by enhancing teacher performance and addressing policies, practices, and barriers that negatively impact student learning.

SEL Tech: Developing Social Emotional Intelligence in a Digital World

The SEL Tech session explores the intersection of technology and the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning. Participants will investigate the ways in which digital tools and instructional strategies can impact and play a crucial role in the development of social emotional skills. Educators will examine ways to leverage the power of digital tools to increase personalization of instruction and deepen students’ cognitive engagement in learning. Additionally, educators will be introduced to instructional strategies and robust content that encourage teachers to bring culturally relevant, wellness resources into their core instruction to support the whole child. During this interactive session, participants will engage in guided exercises to:
1) explore how technology impacts, supports, and contributes to the development of the SEL competencies; 2) examine digital resources that foster the development of SEL skills; and 3) experience instructional strategies.

P3:  Purpose | Passion | Possibility: Exploring Elements of Transformational Leadership 

During this session, participants will explore the intersection of purpose, passion, and possibility in transforming and sustaining a forward-thinking and successful district-wide culture. Attendees will celebrate their strengths, analyze challenges, and focus on the skills they need to grow in their power as leaders. Through a guided process, participants will: 1) examine and clarify their purpose and goals; 2) identify and reignite their passions; and 3) visualize and create new possibilities for success in their schools and districts.

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