Jerry Woods

Jerry Woods - Owner/Managing Director of Six Pixels Studios: East Valley Phoenix; which offers creative STEAM based learning opportunities for kids (ages 7-15) in everything from: Make-a-Movie (Filmmaking) to Stop Motion, Creative Photography, YouTube Studios, Creative Mixer, Coding and more. Students can experience our classes via online, in-person, private groups, summer camps, birthday parties, in-school and afterschool programs etc. Jerry previously worked over 34 years in corporate leadership roles.

Tiyee LaMar - Joined the Six Pixels Studios: East Valley Phoenix team in 2023 as the Youth Instructional Lead. She helps students develop artistic story-based content, guide their creative processes, and assist them through the cinematography as well as editing process for the short films and YouTube videos. Tiyee LaMar previously worked as a Kindergarten teacher, and as a STEM teacher for grades K-6.

Becoming a Future Filmmaker or Influencer

This workshop will provide an overview of Filmmaking and YouTube Programming. Participants will learn fundamental aspects of these visual communication mediums; and given insight into what a career in front of or behind the camera might look like.

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