Dr. Joyce Jamerson

Dr. Joyce Jamerson is a servant leader who has dedicated over 25 years to supporting students, families, educators, and educational leaders in various roles (teacher, literacy coach, administrator, program director, college instructor, professional learning specialist, and author). Because literacy has been an essential factor in Dr. Jamerson’s success in becoming a dream-catcher, she is passionate about sharing the power of literacy as a tool for living a truly liberated life with others.

Leverage the Catalytic Power of Story to Cultivate Culturally Inclusive Literacy Communities  

Children (and adults!) have boundless potential and joy that can be accessed when using a literacy infused asset-based approach that includes explicit interactive instruction to nurture critical thinking skills and accountable talk during courageous conversations, culturally and linguistically responsive literacy engagements to support the development of identity, academic skills, and socio-cultural consciousness, and access to an abundance of diverse books that serve as mirrors, windows, and doors to amplify the voices of students, educators, families, and community members. Join Dr. J for a joyful, meaningful, and applicable learning experience that will help educational stakeholders and leaders tap into and leverage the power of story in a multitude of ways in the classroom and beyond! Walk away with inspiration for classroom integration, family engagement, mentorship, and restorative practice and healing support. Free books will be provided on a first come-first serve basis.

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