Dr. Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson, J.D., Ph.D., serves as Vice Provost for Online, Distance and Continuing Education and is a Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona. Dr. Wilson is also CEO and co-founder of Away, Inc., a startup company that focuses on expanding students’ access to digital education, even without the internet. He has taught and led at the high school and university levels and is a combat veteran. Dr. Wilson is a tireless advocate for resource-challenged rural and urban students.

Access to Online Learning Without the Internet   As an educator at K12 and university levels, I have seen the difference access to digital resources makes in students’ lives. However, in rural areas, broadband access remains on our “to-do” list, while students wait for its arrival. And, in urban settings, even reduced monthly fees for internet service sometimes is not enough for families. Further, unhoused students are forced to navigate to libraries and coffee shops which either have limited hours of operations or are too noisy to concentrate. My startup company, Away, Inc., seeks to solve some of these challenges with our break-through product the “Offline Campus.” The Offline Campus is a new learning platform that allows students to engage in multimedia content, take assessments, earn a certificate, all without internet access. The Offline Campus provides students maximum flexibility for learning off the grid.

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