Adrienne Henderson-Cole

Adrienne Henderson-Cole is a first grade teacher and mentor. After teaching for several years, she achieved her National Board Certification and moved on to become the National Board Instructional Coordinator in Maryland. Within five years of her being there, the program grew by more than 75%! She transitioned into the role of National Board Project Director for Arizona K12 Center, which involved moving her family across the country. Shortly after that, she returned to public schools as an instructional coach and TAP Master Teacher. Adrienne’s passion for teaching is fueled by the students and their abilities to grasp new concepts, the families and their commitments, and the excellent team of teachers she supports. Outside of the classroom, Adrienne finds herself creating art. Between paper crafting, scrap-booking or mixed media, she has set a goal to develop a piece of art each day, as it gives her a sense of peace.

Preventing the Summer Slide – Planning for Summer Scholars!  

Get ready for a fun, focused summer school program that inspires students’ curiosity and creativity! Motivate rising students and support teachers with a fresh approach to summer school! The Summer Scholars program features ready-to-implement lessons and activities that focus on key standards for language arts and math. Summer Scholars Program Includes:

* 25 easy-to-follow lesson plans designed for summer learning settings * Student Guided Practice Book with over 130 engaging activity pages *Exciting text cards, Reader’s Theater scripts, STEAM Readers and nonfiction books that foster a love of learning while helping students master essential language skills and develop essential problem-solving skills *Helpful teacher resources that minimize preparation and planning time This program provides teachers and students with the tools they need to succeed in any summer learning environment. Guide teachers and build important literacy and math skills with Summer Scholars!

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