Assistant Principal;

Balsz Elementary School District #31
May 20, 2024
4825 E. Roosevelt Street, 85008, Phoenix, AZ, AZ
Job Type


Job Title: Assistant Principal
Employment: Twelve Months
Salary: $67,989 - $83,387
Reports to: Principal
Supervises: as assigned


  • Graduate of an accredited college or university
  • Master’s Degree or higher
  • Possession of appropriate Arizona Administrative Certification, required
  • Minimum of three (3) years of successful teaching experience


  • Understanding of theory and practice of school administration.
  • Competency in supervision, knowledge of instructional strategies, learning principles, and student development.
  • Ability to work harmoniously and effectively with school personnel, pupils, parents and community
  • Sound and practical decision-making.


  • The Assistant Principal assists in supervising directly or indirectly every employee assigned. In the absence of the Principal, the Assistant Principal is designated to serve as Acting Principal in his/her place at the assigned unit and be directly responsible to the Superintendent.
  • Assists the Principal in developing and maintaining a program of appraisal and evaluation of employee performance within the requirements of State law and the Governing Board, making appropriate reports regarding the program (if recognized as a district-qualified evaluator, which requires Administrative Certification).
  • Reports to the Principal the case of any employee assigned whose service is unsatisfactory and recommends action as appropriate and necessary.
  • Recommends to the Principal any disciplinary action regarding any employee for just cause.
  • Makes recommendations to the Principal concerning the assignments and promotion of personnel in the school unit.
  • Assists the Principal in the selection of new employees, as requested.
  • Delegates, in agreement with the Principal, to other employees the exercise of any power or discharge of any duties, realizing that the delegation does not relieve the Assistant Principal of responsibility for actions taken or performance achieved as a result of such delegation.
  • Conducts, through the Principal, formal and informal research into operations and instructional practices, procedures, materials, and techniques necessary to operate the programs of the district.
  • Assists the Principal in the implementation, evaluation, and revision of the accepted curriculum and courses of study according to the specifications and standards set by the school district.
  • Attends professional conferences and meetings in addition to meetings with district staff, parents, unit citizens, and community organizations. Reports to the Principal impressions gained from these meetings and makes recommendations when appropriate.
  • Informs and advises the Principal about the programs, activities, practices, and problems of the area delegated to him/her.
  • Continues the process of personal and professional growth as an educational leader through the reading of professional journals, attendance at professional conferences, and counseling with other educational leaders at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Assists the Principal in preparing recommendations regarding the annual budget for programs within the unit, as requested.
  • Provides for continued constructive articulation with secondary and private schools, as directed.
  • Provide materials interpreting the curriculum programs of the district to the public and staff, as requested by the Principal
  • Address service clubs, PTA’s, and citizens’ committees as reported to or requested by the school Principal.
  • Provide the Principal and other staff members with facts that help them in their relations with the public.
  • Assists the Principal in unit meetings so that information is passed along at all levels, as requested.
  • Prepares and submits, as requested, to the Principal information and recommendations on matters concerning district programs.
  • Assists the Principal in establishing procedures for enrollment changes and transfers of students. Develop communications of a plan to parents, as requested.
  • Attends meetings of the Governing Board as needed and other meetings as directed, unless excused for good cause.
  • Assists the Principal in maintaining educational policies and practices in the framework provided by the Governing Board and the State Department of Education.
  • Assists the Principal with the preparation of reports for the State Department of Education, the Federal Government, and other agencies as appropriate.
  • Maintains school population and scholastic records in legally prescribed forms with safeguards for the safety of records.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is required to meet the essential function of job responsibilities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal or Superintendent.

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  • Contact Dr. Rene Murphy, Director of Recruiting and Onboarding at 602-629-6443
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