AzABSE’s Response to The Attacks Against Our Community

June 2, 2020 – At the core of the Arizona Alliance of Black School Educators (AzABSE) mission and vision is the responsibility to share and improve educational opportunities and achievement in the African American Community.

Educational Equality for All

The current state of Black Educators in the United States continues to reflect disparaging numbers. Statewide data shows that educators of color are still facing injustices and inequalities in hiring at all educational levels and in all communities. Blacks are often racially profiled as a result of historical senseless killings by officers of the law who have used unnecessary and unlawful use of force. This type of behavior has seemingly entered into the mindset of those individuals who are empowered to approve and appoint positions of employment.

In order for us to attain equal education practices, we need to have an equal distribution of resources for education and educators in all of our communities, increased and improved resources in the hiring of black educators and school leaders, and statewide guidelines that consider each individual’s cultural needs, limitations and historical exclusion of Black Educators and District Leaders.

As representatives of AzABSE, it has now become apparent that the historical inequality and ruthless killings of Blacks also impacts the treatment of other minority groups. A fear of the unknown, is something that each member of a black family faces each day. This type of fear limits our ability to seek out help, support, and reliable sources of information about our future and well-being.

The Arizona Alliance of Black School Educators stands committed to holding ourselves and others accountable for dismantling oppression in schools.

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