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Is Your Money in the Right Bucket?

In this presentation, we organize your money into three buckets which includes the short term, mid term and long term buckets of money.  I share the importance of compartmentalizing money in this way.   I review what the differences and purposes are for each money bucket. I also help the attendee determine what their short term, mid term and long term goals are.  After determining their goals, we briefly review the investments or proper financial vehicles associated with each goal. It is crucial that the attendee understands the importance of not putting all their money in one bucket. The attendee will have an understanding of which bucket needs their attention and why having their money balanced across all the Money Buckets is crucial to developing a strong financial story.


Shehara Smallwood is originally from Columbus, OH and graduated with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University.  Soon after working as an engineer and taking on various roles, she decided to truly seek God for her purpose.  Through this process, she realized that part of her life's work was connected to promoting financial literacy for teenagers.  In 2004, she decided to pursue her passion by changing careers and began working with a global financial institution.  In 2009, she started working with women who were professionals, business owners, married and single as a financial advisor with a national broker-dealer firm.  During her time with this firm, she acknowledged that her enthusiasm for promoting financial literacy to the youth extended to adults, specifically women. She realized that creating financial success for clients, was not only correlated to the numbers in the plan,  but having an understanding of the individual stories behind the numbers.  This is where Your Story Financial, LLC was born. Although she is located in sunny Phoenix, AZ, Your Story Financial is a fee-only fiduciary boutique firm that offers financial planning virtually, meaning she can work with you no matter where you live in the United States. She has a passion for creating financial success stories one chapter at a time.
In addition to helping clients achieve financial success, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hosting line dance parties, reading a good non-fiction book, participating in her local Toastmasters chapter, and being an active member at Faith Christian Center.