Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Embracing trauma informed Education 

​This interactive workshop will explore the impact of Trauma on Students and Educators. The importance of being trauma informed will be reinforced .The results from the study of Adverse Childhood experiences or what is known as “ACES” will be examined .In addition the impact of Historical/ Intergenerational trauma and Epigenetics will be addressed. Participants will be asked be explore and identify promotive and protective factors in students in an effort to reinforce resilience as a way to mitigate experiences of complex trauma.  

Sandra Chase MSW/ACSW is the current Director of the Social Work Internship Program at Children’s Institute International (CII) in Los Angeles, CA.   Her 22 years of employment has included several roles including being the Director of CII Foster care program over a decade. Currently as the director of the internship program she coordinates the training and supervision of Social Work interns from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work. In 2016 she received USC’s most prestigious Jules Levine Memorial Award for Distinguished Field instructor award and recognized for her 2O years as a Field instructor. Ms. Chase is also a faculty advisor for Columbia University’s school of Social Work online program. She is currently the Co-chair of NCTSN’s national cultural consortium.

Ms. Chase is an integral part of the CII’s Leadership Center. She provides training in cultural humility systemic inequities, implicit bias, Domestic violence, and Secondary trauma.   Over the last year she has trained well over 300 employees on these topics.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles ,Ms. Chase worked with Child and Family Services for the State of Arizona. Her roles included: Protective Service Investigator, Permanency Planner Specialist, and Foster Care Supervisor. Her duties included responsibility for over 250 foster care homes and five contracted agencies. She was also utilized as a cultural consultant. She assessed appropriateness for cross-cultural placements and transracial adoptions. After relocating to Los Angeles, she worked for Institute for Black Parenting’s Foster Care and Adoption agency where she became a certified Trainer in PS MAPP Model Approach to Partnership Parenting. She was later asked to assist in adapting cultural components of the Foster care and adoption curriculum for her agency

 Ms. Chase has acquired several additional training certifications in the field. She has also participated in several trainings in Domestic violence and has led several treatment groups for children who have witnessed Domestic violence. She has also been trained in TFCBT as well as being trained a model to address Secondary trauma and Compassion Fatigue.

Ms. Chase is a recognized NCTSN CCCT trainer and has provided child trauma seminars for several years.  Ms. Chase has participated in several breakthroughs series sponsored by the NCSTN. She has been active participant with the Cultural Consortium over the past year and she was able to participate in the Consortiums pre conference workshop in Baltimore.  She was recently asked to serve as the co-chair for the cultural consortium.

During her lengthy career and administrative roles Ms. Chase has always been concerned and involved in addressing disparities and instrumental in addressing culturally appropriate responses and intervention strategies. As an independent contractor, Ms. Chase has worked for the Community College Foundation as a Master trainer providing training to prospective Foster care and Adoptive parents. She has provided numerous workshops in California and out of state on topics such as cultural responsiveness, child welfare issues, mental health and secondary trauma. She is an active participant in the Los Angeles multi-agency ERDD committee, which addresses eradicating disproportionality and disparities in Child welfare. She is a member of the Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW). Ms. Chase has earned certificates of recognition for volunteer services in Arizona and in Los Angeles. Her most recent award for volunteerism includes recognition from Congresswoman Maxine Walters and Senator Price.  

A native of Arizona, Sandra earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. In 1992 she was certified by Arizona‘s Board of Behavior health. Collectively, she has over 40 years in the field of Social Work. Ms. Chase is also a wife, mother and grandmother.