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Remi  is from the Yoruba tribe in the village of Iragberi near Ede In Nigeria, west Africa. Her paternal grandfather was a war-Lord and custodian of the Ogun Shrine while her paternal grandmother  was the matron of Sango Worshippers aka Iya Sango / Adosu Sango.  Remi,s mother, a princess from the Alara ruling house in Ara, near Ede, was the carrier and bearer of the KORI EFFIGY { Goddess of Fertility } during the yearly Kori festival in her younger years.  Remi,s  mother, now a Christian , taught her the Art of storytelling and dancing.

Remi is a warm and captivating story teller who literally takes you on an excursion of Africa with it's rich culture and traditions. Remi through her stories, tries to recapture and share with the audience the Wisdom, Morals ,Values and education acq.uired from her rich traditional African family background.

so please relax and enjoy while Remi demonstrates the power in African story telling.