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Discovering Your Leadership Impact
What is leadership? Is leadership about accomplishing goals and getting things done, or is it about engaging in meaningful relationships and nurturing people’s strengths? Is it about transmitting information and knowledge, or is it about managing action and performance? Is leadership about maintaining the status quo or initiating change? Whether you are leading a company, a department, a team, a family, or your life – you are a leader and you have an impact on others. As a human being, and as a leader, you have natural tendencies and preferences that come from your strengths, your weaknesses, your skills, your experiences, and your needs.

In The Leader’s Journey Workshop, you will:
•Take your own journey through discovering your unique brand of leadership. 
•Discover your natural leadership preferences, strengths, and challenges, and
•Experience the profound impact that you have on others in your life.


​Pat Gillum is the CEO/Founder of Pat Gillum Consulting a successful personal and professional development coaching firm. She is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Success Coach. Pat has created a vast collection of success tools, workshops, seminars and conferences triggering transformation leading women to discover their true selves, as well as their true potential while embracing the possibilities of a better, more fulfilling and healthier way of life.

Pat focuses her unwavering dedication to empower women to freely and smartly turn their dreams into reality with confidence and knowledge. She is the founder of The Sisterhood Extravaganza, a Women’s Empowerment Organization that helps women become empowered to create the life they want by focusing on the 4 pillars of Success: Education, Encouragement, Exposure and Empowerment through business and entrepreneurial ventures. She is the author of the book “The Sisterhood...Lessons I’ve learned along the way about Women and Friendships, a must needed friendship guide for women. The book outlines a path to success by sharing the 5 Key Principles that give women the tools and knowledge to foster healthy, positive relationships and repair strained relationships with the women in their lives.