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Fostering Lifelong Educational Experiences and Knowledge in Middle Schools

The student population in the United States public schools is becoming increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD); however, teachers and school leaders remain fairly monoracial.  It is imperative that teachers be adequately trained in addressing the unique needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Despite the steadily increasing numbers of CLD populations in schools, not all teacher education programs readily embrace multicultural education or culturally responsive teacher education pedagogy   The purpose of this presentation is twofold: (a) to demonstrate the great need for rethinking our current monoracial approaches to teacher education pedagogy and (b) to provide professional development and practical strategies for developing authentic culturally responsive teacher education pedagogy, particularly in middle school settings. 

Kyle is a dynamic veteran educator of 20 years. She hails from Maywood, IL near Chicago's west side and transplanted to Arizona in 2013. Kyle has taught middle school science and language arts for 15 years and spent 5 years as a gifted curriculum specialist. Kyle completed both her Master's and Doctoral studies at Walden University focusing on content area literacy and teacher leadership respectively. Kyle has also served as an adjunct professor teaching courses on content area literacy in middle and secondary education. Kyle's passion is educating aspiring teachers on authentic culturally responsive teaching in middle school and gifted education. Kyle has presented at national conferences on culturally responsive teaching as a means of differentiation. Kyle has concluded her 20th year of teaching this year and will be entering teacher leadership, coaching and professional development at an administrative level. Kyle resides is Laveen, AZ with her husband Austin, two middle schoolers Ross and Alyssa and her kindergartener Aisley.