Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Kiana Maria Sears, M.P.A. , Mesa Governing Board member elected in 2016. An historic when being the first person of color elected to the Mesa Governing Board Ever. Kiana Maria Sears, M.P.A is an engaged energy and public policy professional who has dedicated her life to serving the public and small business. When she moved to Arizona, Sears was impressed by the affordability of Arizona. This is the reason she strives to keep rates low for ratepayers in Arizona. Sears has 6 years of experience as an executive 2 consultant in the 1Utilities Division at the Arizona Corporation Commission where she worked with water and
wastewater. She also has over a decade of experience creating public policy and solar policy to benefit Arizonans. Sears believes in clean politics, clean energy, and clean air. When elected to office her highest priorities include reducing energy bills for hardworking Arizonans and small business owners, especially in the months of August and September. Another priority is to
address the decaying water infrastructure in our entire state, but especially in rural counties. Sears believes that investing in renewable energy is imperative to the sustainable growth and health of Arizona.