Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Karen Crawford earned a degree in electrical engineering from Michigan State University and is the recipient of the 1992 Engineer of the Year award for community service. Years of work with Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Corning Glass, General Dynamics and others resulted in her realizing that while her professional needs were being met, her heart was desirous of so much more.

As a senior software engineer she worked on a segment of software for a secure cell phone product and later developed her presentation skills while training members of the United States military to use that product.

While developing her career at Motorola/General Dynamics, Karen spent her summers learning from middle and high school students how to successfully teach them to write computer programs from scratch.  As a result of teaching these students she has also flushed out the problem solving process that can be used to help students confidently solve complex problems.  In the first unit of her workbook, Solve Every Problem: An Introduction to Computer Programming, the process is explained in detail.

Karen is the founder and CEO of the premiere company for computer-programming instruction, KomputerED Tools, llc.