Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Dr. Davis is a career educator with over 40 years of experience. She is currently an Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Department of Teacher Education at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia. Davis is a scholar, author and consultant, she is currently serving a second term on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children. In addition to local district and university experiences, Davis served for five years as the Virginia State Specialist for K-12 Gifted services.  Davis’ prior higher education experience was at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. She also served as the Director of the Center for Gifted Education at the University during her tenure there. Davis is a staunch advocate for equity in gifted education and diversity education. As such, Dr. Davis is often called upon by the school districts, organizations and the media to respond to issues related to how schools should address the needs of disenfranchised groups including culturally and racially diverse students and those from low socio-economic communities. She has been a program consultant, and served as a keynote speaker and distinguished guest lecturer in the USA, South Africa and the Caribbean. Dr. Davis has published numerous articles, technical reports and book chapters. She writes a regular column for Teaching for High Potential, a publication of the National Association for Gifted Children. Her award-winning book: ‘Bright,Talented & Black: a Guide for families of African American gifted learners’ is the first of its kind on the market to specifically address the advocacy needs of Black families raising gifted students. Her new book: Gifted Children of Color Around the World: Diverse Needs, Exemplary Practices and Directions for the Future is co-edited with Dr James L. Moore III. Dr. Davis holds master’s and doctorate degrees with a focus in Gifted Education from The College of William & Mary in Virginia.