Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Ghazi Hamza Muhammad is a Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Hey is founder and CEO of Your Path Your Destiny a team of coaches and mentors working to assist clients in embracing their own uniqueness and ultimately realizing the purpose of their existence. 

Mr Muhammad has over 20 years of both intensive and extensive training and practical experience in working with the most hard to reach youth population,  young Black males. He has been featured in newspaper articles, radio interviews and blog talk programs. Hey Is very passionate and often electrified his audiences with what he's calls his "out of the box" approach. 

Hey is from St. Louis, Missouri but now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and eight children. Hey is pursuing his degree in social work and will release his debut books in the fall of 2016. Contact Ghazi Hamza Muhammad for speaking engagements,  workshops or community organizing at and visit his website at


Finding The Diamond In All Experiences

We all make so called mistakes in life. What appears to be a bad situation or experience actually contains a very profound lesson/diamond that if found would enrich our lives. We have been taught that experience is the best teacher. This is not necessarily true. We can repeatedly experience similar situations and not learn what's needed to finally break the cycle. We say that in every experience, good, bad or ugly, that there is a lesson/diamond that if found will catapult us to a new level of awareness/state of being.