Let’s Laugh! Because It Will Change Our Lives 

Gerri "Ayize" Bohanan is a former NABSE Instruction & Instructional Support (IIS) Commission Chair, Communicator and current NABSE IIS co-sponsor of the  Teacher Leadership Summits in different NABSE affiliate states including AzABSE. Gerri officially retired in January 2018! Yay!  She continues to process her life in a productive joyful matter. Since January 2018, she  spreads Laughter Yoga exercises: Let's Laugh! sessions around the world, teach online courses as an adjunct instructor at Baltimore City Community College, as well as created and sponsored CSU Toastmasters at Coppin State University in 2016 and continues to serve it. 

In addition, to a Johns Hopkins University masters degree,  Bohanan is certified in several areas including Johns Hopkins University graduate Mind, Brain and Teaching in 2014 and Laughter Yoga International University Laughter Yoga Leadership in 2017. Over several  years, Gerri has received  awards including NABSE Living Legend Award in 2017.     


Laughter Yoga is not about jokes, comedy, or humor. It’s not just a physical exercise. There is evidence that  it provides wisdom, intelligence, and positive attitudes within the body-mind wellness of children, adults and seniors.  Once the body and mind starts laughing on a regular basis, it will automatically bring attitudinal changes in one’s behavior. This is a way to become more loving, caring and forgiving. Not only will you laugh in the laughter session, you will carry the spirit of laughter throughout the day. Laughter Yoga methods will give you guidelines and practical skills to do laughter with students, family and others. Once the body gets the intelligence of laughing without a reason, people can even laugh all by themselves anytime and anywhere. There are ways Laughter Yoga will bring happiness to yourself and others.

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