Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Understanding & Teaching Social Change and Social Justice

Dr.  Tamika Sander's passion is arts education and creating strategic partnerships between students, learning institutions, and the communities in which they reside in. To further her goal of integrating arts education into schools and communities, Dr. Sanders started her company Savvy Pen in 2009. The primary goal of Savvy Pen is to create interactive programs that incorporate arts learning and training to bridge cultural and socioeconomic divides between educators and students.

 Dr. Sander’s work in the community earned her an invitation to speak at the TEDx Phoenix Salon about community sustainability in 2012, a Community Luminary Award in 2014, and a nomination for the 2015 Humanities Rising Star Award for individuals using creative approaches to engage the public in humanities topics. Her goal is to continue using innovative programs to break barriers, empower youth, and create social change

In the wake of current political and social problems, the need for educators to understand and teach social justice issues has never been greater!  However, in order to teach social justice issues, educators must fully understand what social justice issues are and how they create social change. This workshop will equip participants with resources and activities that can be used in K-12 or College classrooms to teach students about social justice and enable them to create social change effectively in areas they feel it is needed.