Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Dr. Tamika Sander is an entrepreneur and educator. Her company Savvy Pen is
dedicated to extending learning beyond the classroom through public programming and
strategic partnerships that infuse arts, education, and the community. Through Savvy
Pen, Dr. Sanders prides herself on working with schools to build inclusive classrooms,
conduct multicultural trainings for educators, and create interactive programs that bridge
cultural and socioeconomic divides. She hopes to continue using the arts to break
barriers, unite people, and create social change.

Engaging Disengaged Students

We know that most of our students are bored and disengaged in school. This is evident in the 2015 Gallup Survey, which showed that only 32% of high school juniors reported that they were “involved and enthusiastic about school.” Almost worse, only 17% said that they have fun in school and “get to do what they do best” in school. These results tell us that we need to try a different approach. Culture is an essential part of education that can be used to assist educators with student engagement. Researchers advocated that curriculum and programming that target only academic aspects of a student’s life may miss out on the opportunity to engage students’ learning beyond the classroom.

This presentation will provide educators with tools and activities that will assist them
with incorporating aspects of students’ personal and social culture to spark a love for
learning and allow students agency over their own learning.
Equipment Needs: