Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Interview 101: Make your dream job a reality!

Dr. James Driscoll currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent for East Area K-8 schools in the Mesa Unified School District in Mesa, Arizona. He has teaching experiences at a variety levels K-8 in the suburban and urban settings as well as a faculty associate professor for Arizona State University. Dr. Driscoll’s administrative experience includes being a Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Special Education, and a District Hearing Officer. He has extensive experience in evaluation processes, developing equitable/challenging learning experiences for all students, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in collaborative learning communities. Dr. James Driscoll holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, a Master’s degree in Human Relations, a Master’s degree in Special Education, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership..

Each year thousands of candidates interview for school administration jobs across the United States. According to US Department of Education (2013), over 20 percent of principals left their schools and over 70 percent of principals have less than five years at their current schools. Put another way “A quarter of the country's principals quit their schools each year, according to the report, and nearly 50 percent leave in their third year (Superville, 2014).” The turnover rate of principals has provided a need for qualified school administrators especially in high-poverty districts. In this session participants will receive strategies for preparing for a principal interview. Participants will gain knowledge of current issues and trends in the principalship.