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Eva Marie Shivers, J.D., Ph.D. is the executive director of Indigo Cultural Center, a non-profit action research firm located in Phoenix, AZ.  Dr. Shivers’ work at Indigo Cultural Center focuses on the developmental niche of early childhood development and education to explore the evolution of frameworks for understanding families’ culturally adaptive responses to poverty, systemic racism, and historical marginalization.

Prior to relocating to Arizona, Dr. Shivers was a faculty member in the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Ph.D. from UCLA’s Department of Education, Psychological Studies in Education. Dr. Shivers also holds a law degree from Howard University School of Law, and a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University.

 Dr. Shivers has numerous peer-reviewed publications, and presents her research on equity, child care, and professional development initiatives throughout the country.

 She currently provides early childhood racial equity training and consultation to early childhood community agencies and state departments around the country.

 For the past fifteen years, Dr. Shivers has provided child care research policy consultation to federal, state and local government agencies and administrators. She also provided early childhood racial equity policy consultation to the Obama administration.

Mindfulness in Early Childhood Education: Disrupting Bias

How are early childhood educators starting to benefit from working with coaches and consultants who use mindfulness strategies? What role does this work play in closing racial disparities and reducing implicit bias in discipline? Join us in an important conversation about racial equity in early childhood education and how personal, mindful transformation can translate into effective practice and policy. We will discuss some of the new trends in mindfulness and education, why/how we think it’s working, and how leaders in education are embracing the mindfulness movement.