Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Deborah R. Colbert, AIM, AU, CTT+ CPC, MAOM

Deb is devoted to improving education and the standards used to prepare our children and youth, she is also committed to community development and growth that promote businesses and community sustainability. Deb serves on several boards and volunteers in the areas of housing access and affordability; mentoring, coaching and inspiring young professionals and students in the Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix areas; she has developed & facilitated programs and curriculum related to leadership and self- development for girls and youth directing programs such as the Daughters of Destiny, the Sankofa Leadership Project, Community Resource & Affinity Groups.

With more than 35 years of experience as a leader at a Fortune 50 Company, Deb has successfully led start-up operations and new business ventures that have increased profit, decreased expenses or improved the customer experience. Most recently, she launched CoCo365- Colbert Consulting, where she is the Executive Consultant with a focus on human development and organizational performance.

As a proven leader and consultant on youth & adult learning, teambuilding, innovation, strategic planning, and operational effectiveness, Deb provides creative solutions that impact business, education & community outcomes utilizing assessments, relationship management and data analytics.

Relationships are very important to Deb, she works collaboratively regardless of location or geography and is sought after for her vision, problem-solving, process & systematic thinking concepts, culture change and inspirational leadership that helps leaders and their teams increase engagement, elevate empowerment of individuals at all levels utilizing the power of relationships, and mentoring to identify strengths improving their lives and the lives of others.

Known for her passionate and inspiring words, Deb motivates and encourages others helping them to gain confidence in their abilities and then excel through action and transformation.  

Deb enjoys learning new things, reading, travel, sports, music and working in the yard. Family and Friends are very important to Deb, who is married to her love and friend, Jon; 2 Children, Ashley(Brian) and Jon II (Marta); 5 fabulous grandchildren, beloved pet Juvie.