Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

Constance P. Hargrave, Ph.D.

Constance P. Hargrave is an associate professor of learning technologies and social
justice education in the School of Education at Iowa State University. Her research
examines the social, structural, and cultural factors that empower students of color to
study in STEM fields. Hargrave is the former director of Iowa State University SCIENCE
BOUND – the only program in Iowa designed to equip pre-college students of color to
pursue degrees and careers in STEM disciplines at predominantly White institutions.
Working on the grass roots, school, and institutional levels, Hargrave’s scholarship
addresses the systemic failures of U.S. socio-educational systems to produce STEM
professionals of color. Her scholarship has been nationally recognized by Excelencia in
Education for accelerating Lantinx student success at the bachelorette level; and in 2017 she was inducted into the Iowa African American Hall of Fame. In her free time,
Hargrave enjoys performing stand-up comedy, and when her students don’t laugh, she
calls it a lecture.

#PlusWhat:  Empowering students to raise the bar on their personal and collective engagement and performance

​You’re either helping or you’re hurting; there is no neutral ground.  This workshop is designed to overcome the personally debilitating tendency of “going through the motions” that often defines students’ school experience.  We will explore how to use the #PlusWhat rubric to guide students’ actions and cultivate their mindset and ability to pursue excellence.  The #PlusWhat approach puts students on a success trajectory where they define and take specific actions to achieve personal success and generate group success.  Used by college athletic teams, STEM corporations, clubs and classrooms, #PlusWhat helps people acknowledge and embrace their power to contribute at high levels.