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The State of Critical Thinking: What Students are Saying and What it Means for African American Students

Colin Seale, Esq. is an education advocate and critical thinking expert who has merged his passion and experience for education, law, and social justice into thinkLaw (, an award-winning program that helps educators teach critical thinking through standards-aligned, real-life legal cases and powerful and personalized professional development to help teachers implement engaging Socratic strategies across all grades and subject areas.

Critical thinking is the essential 21st century skill, but we still treat it as a luxury good - reserving this instruction for the most elite students at the most elite students. Learn the scope of this issue and practical tools to unleash the critical thinking potential of all students (especially African American students) from critical thinking expert Colin Seale, who has survey results measuring the mindsets and habits of 1000+ students who used his award-winning thinkLaw program.