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School Educators

Zip Code Project: Collaborating with Communities to Reengage Youth

Abstract: This session will focus on the Zip Code Project and the work the Arizona Department of Education is doing to assist youth become successful, contributing members of the community.  This project is currently focused on four communities around Arizona: Chinle, Ajo, South Phoenix, and West Phoenix/Maryvale. The Zip Code Project leverages public-private partnerships to identify and implement solutions and resources to prevent to assist with dropout prevention and support alternative paths to success. 

Christopher Dickinson is the Director of Community Outreach and the manager of the Zip Code Project at the Arizona Department of Education.  He began his career at the Department of Education in 2004 working on the professional development team.  Over the years, Christopher has moved to several different units within the department such as Title I, ELL, and Migrant Education.  The team Christopher manages now includes Homeless Education, Youth in Foster Care, Dropout Prevention, Dropout Recovery, and Community partnerships and outreach.