Arizona Alliance of Black

School Educators

The Power of Stories in Education

We all have a story.  As educational leaders, it’s important that we share our stories with those we impact.  Studies show that we are wired to remember stories much more than data, facts and figures.  Stories are an effective tool to advocate for your ideas, especially when you can weave facts and figures into your story.  Stories shape how others see you.  Stories are tools of power.  Stories persuade.  How does your education story reach your students, families and colleagues to make a positive impact on overall student achievement?

Mr. Brian E. Johnson has spent nearly 20 years in schools as a teacher and administrator.  Originally from Michigan, Mr. Johnson began his education career as an elementary school teacher ranging from grades 2-5.  He has spent the last ten years of his career as an administrator in Arizona where he currently serves as the Principal at John F. Long Elementary (K-5) in the Cartwright School District in Phoenix.